We offer one of the largest, if not the largest, selection of cold beer in Northeast Minneapolis. We have over 40 cooler doors featuring our curated selection of beers, ciders, and seltzers. Classics like PBR, Hamms, Bud, Coors Banquet, and imports like Corona, Modelo, Guinness are kept cold for you. Our craft beer section features all the local breweries you would expect (and maybe a few that you don’t expect). From our friends down the street at Fair State to the folks up north at Castle Danger we are proud of our selection of Minnesota breweries. If cider is more your thing we’ve got you covered there, too, Sociable Ciderwerks, Milk & Honey, and Sweetland Orchard just to name a few. Our team works hard to keep our beer selection up to date and well curated, stop in often to find special releases, seasonal beers, and new breweries.


All the staples for your home bar at reasonable prices. We’ve got a selection of really cool vodkas and delicious gins. From producers just up the avenue to producers in Finland and everywhere in between. Whether you are sipping on it or making an ice cold martini we have the ingredients you need. Our tequila and mezcal selection features over 80 different brands at any given time. Looking to make a punch and need an affordable (yet delicious) mezcal? We’ve got that. The heart of our spirits section is our whiskey selection. Hundreds of bottles to choose from, we’ve got the Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, or Irish whiskey that is perfect for your needs. India, Japan, and whiskies from all over the world grace our shelves as well. Our selection of barrel picks is top notch as well. Ask us about the bottles you can only find here and we’ll happily brag about them.


Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel from Argentina to Bordeaux we have the wine you are looking for. Boxes, cans, bottles – whichever package you prefer we can definitely find something you’ll love. From Tuesday night bubbles to “I want to impress my future mother-in-law” gifts, we have a wine that fits the bill. You’ll find larger producers on our shelves, as well as 8th generation family owned wineries, and wines from right here in Minnesota.